Every £10 you spend on travel can plant 1 tree at no extra cost to you! How?

1. You travel

Book your trips through Rosian, just like using any other travel website.

2. We plant

We donate 100% of the received commission to reforestation projects.

3. Everyone benefits

Cleaner air, richer wildlife, and fewer people living in poverty!

Our aim for 2019
🌳 2,704
Trees planted
🌳 1,000,000
To be planted

Creating a World where Travel is a power of Good

  • Who are you? Are you a charity?
    We are a small group of professionals. We are in the process of registering as a Charity in the UK while operating as an Association.
    We would like to address many of the sustainability issues of tourism, such as air pollution. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to travel and to do it responsibly.
  • What is your approach?
    We have three key activities:
    1. 1. We run travel services to generate funds for charities who are addressing the adverse side effects of tourism or enabling sustainable growth of tourism.
    2. 2. We develop software to allow people to make more sustainable travel decisions, generate travel opportunities, and to support our research. Most of the software is aimed to be open-sourced. We are happy for you to contribute on GitHub.
    3. 3. We research & educate about sustainability in the context of travel and tourism. We do this through creating articles, videos and more about these issues.
  • Who do you donate to? Where are trees planted?
    We are working with two charities currently:

    1. - Eden Reforestation Projects plants trees in Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, and Mozambique. They are hiring local villagers with a fair wage to plant the trees and secure them until maturity. Our donations are going towards the plantation of the important Mangrove trees.
    2. - Trees For Life plants native trees in the Caledonian Forest at Scotland, UK. They are also actively engaged in animal conservation, such as the Red Squirrel project.

      We are happy to hear from other charities working on reforestation or sustainable travel. Get in touch if you are one!
  • How is your travel service & commission works?
    We compare the light and accommodation prices of your favourite travel websites, such as Expedia.com, Agoda.com & many more. These websites pay commission to us when you book with them through Rosian. This commission is not an extra cost on you, it is part of the marketing budget of these companies.
    We donate 100% of the received commission to charities.
  • What is business travel?
    We developed a new service for businesses and organisations who are interested in offsetting the environmental impact of their travel operation. We provide organisations with a travel site based on Rosian's engine and themed according to their branding. The inventory and prices are identical to Rosian.org. Besides regular reports, we provide the organisation with an annual certificate stating the volume of trees planted on behalf of them.

    Get in touch with us to receive more information and a demo!