Let your everyday purchases plant trees.

A free way to help our planet.

Every £10 you spend can plant at least 1 tree at no extra cost to you! How?

1. You purchase

Use our partners' links just before ordering online. Partners will send us commission after your purchase.

2. Trees planted

We donate 80+% of the received commission to reforestation projects run by The Eden Project charity.

3. Everyone benefits

Cleaner air, richer wildlife, and fewer people living in poverty!

Aim for 2019
🌳 4,110
Trees planted
(see donations)
🌳 50,000
To be planted

Top Affiliate Partners

Ebay can offer you everything
3x🌳 planted per £10 spent
Fashion, home, electricals from John Lewis
John Lewis
Fashion, home, electricals
3x🌳 planted per £10 spent
Groceries and frozen food from Iceland
Groceries, frozen food
1x🌳 planted per £10 spent
Second hand mobiles, games, media, and clothes from Music Magpie
Mobiles, media, buy & sell
3x🌳 planted per £10 spent

Low cost and professional freelance service from Fiverr
Freelance services
180x🌳 planted per new customer
Flights, trains, buses by Omio.com
Flights, trains and buses
5x🌳 planted per £10 spent
Hotels and vacation rentals
Hotels and vacation rentals
3x🌳 planted per £10 spent
VPN service for securing internet connection
Secure internet connection with VPN
10x🌳 planted per £10 spent

Frequently Asked

  • What is Rosian?
    Rosian is a very small, non-profit project launched in 2019. Rosian's mission is to raise awareness of various environmental issues and offer tools for the individual to address them.

    If you are interested in creating content, improving our website, partnering with us, or sharing some ideas: please get in touch.
  • Who do you donate to? Where are trees planted?
    Eden Reforestation Projects plants trees in Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, and Mozambique. They are hiring local villagers with a fair wage to plant the trees and secure them until maturity. Our donations are going towards the plantation of the important Mangrove trees.